Black Lace Nail Foils (10pc Set)

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  • Black lace nail foils Set
  • Black lace nail foils Set
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  • CLS-08
  • CLS-10
  • CLS-12
  • CLS-13
  • CLS-14
  • CLS-15
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Black Lace Nail Foil All 10 designs 

Nail Foils  4cm x 40cm

Instructions to Apply Nail Foil:

- Apply base color and let it dry. (optional, but recommended. you can apply foil glue straight onto the nails but it will adhere better with a base coat underneath) 
- Apply a thin layer of Nail Foil Glue (Sold Separately). The glue will apply on as a cream color. let that dry for about 30-60 seconds until the glue turns clear.
- Cut a piece of nail foil around the same size as your nails and place the underside of the foil sheet onto the nail bed.  
- Press firmly all over the nail to make sure the design transfers in full.
 - Apply top coat to protect the foil for a lasting finish.
Still need help? Watch the Product video below for a step by step. 
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