Four Must-Have Tools For Every Nail Art Enthusiast

As women, we are our own canvasses of art. Why? Well, simply because almost every part of our body can be spiced up and look like a piece of art, worthy of a place in the world's most famous art museums.

Clothes and accessories help us create art with our bodies, and hair treatments and hair dyes help us create art with our hair. However, do you know what other part of our body can be transformed into a work of art? Our nails!

There are a whole lot of designs and methods that can turn our nails into something extremely beautiful. In fact, so many women turn this into a hobby and profession, calling it nail art.

There are even specific tools made especially for beautifying our nails, and I'm not just talking about plain-coloured nail polish. However, nail polish is the most important element in creating nail art, but there's just so much more to it!

Are you curious about what exactly this 'more' means? Well, here are a few examples of these tools I mentioned earlier that are specially-made for nail art!

  • Nail art stickers. They're similar to ordinary stickers, but with stronger adhesive backs and smaller so they can fit on our nails. There are several different designs for nail art stickers ranging from cute cartoon characters like Hello Kitty to hearts and flowers. Since there are so many types of stickers, we have the liberty to create our own customised design and show as much of our personality as we want!

  • Nail art brushes. These are the perfect tool for creating stripes and details on our nails since these are usually very thin. Some of these brushes come in a fanned out shape, which are often used to create multi-coloured stripes.

  • Base coat nail polish. This type of nail polish is probably one of the most important things we should own. While it's okay to directly apply nail polish on our nails, using a base coat achieves a better effect. Base coats actually prevent our nails from staining if we use dark-coloured nail polish. It also creates a smooth and even finish, and helps our manicure last a lot longer.

  • Dotting tools. Before I heard about dotting tools, I used to create dots by simply using the tip of the nail polish brush. This was a hit and miss method, because the dots weren't always so perfect. However, with dotting tools creating perfect circles to a desired size is much easier! They even come in sets so we can experiment with different dot sizes.

There are many nail art tools out there, but these are four of the most common and popular tools. If you're still curious about nail art tools, try browsing our website for more. You can also check out our many nail art video tutorials!

26th Aug 2014 Meliney

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