Nail Art Advice To Make Things Easier, Prettier and Cleaner!

We've seen it on TV, on magazines, on the internet, basically we've seen it everywhere. Every time we see it, our eyes either go big in awe or we actually try it ourselves.

I'm talking about nail art and the trend it has been setting for women all around the world. Celebrities, middle-aged women, young adults, teenagers, mostly everyone wants a taste of nail art and they won't rest until they learn a few nail designs.

Ever since nail art started receiving a considerable attention, plenty of enthusiasts have been coming up with several unique nail designs. They are even generous enough to share their ideas so everyone can try them, like how we have our own video tutorials on our website (

These varying nail designs have different levels of difficulty, with some being as simple as colouring each nail with a different colour to adding complicated patterns like animal prints. However, any design can be mastered with practice because as the popular line goes: practice makes perfect!

So, for us to fully enjoy exploring the colourful world of nail designs, here are a few tips, tricks, and advice that can help us along the way!

  • Probably the most common and most annoying thing that happens while we're painting our nails is when we accidentally include the skin around our nails. Nail polish on the skin is a little hard to remove and not to mention it makes an otherwise neat nail design look messy! When this happened to me, I used to just wait until it eventually washed off from bathing and/or washing my hands. However with this tip I won't be doing that anymore! We can prevent nail polish from sticking to the skin around our nails by applying petroleum jelly on this area using a cotton swab, white craft glue works effectively as well!

  • To make a really detailed design we can draw on our nails using gel pens that are available in every office supplies store. We have to remember though that the ink of the gel pen can take a while to dry. Once we're finished with the gel pen design, we have to wait for at least 30 minutes before finishing with a top coat.

  • When we're busy creating a unique design we use different bottles of nail polish, and sometimes when we switch to a different colour, the lid is almost impossible to open. At times we're even too scared to exert more effort opening it because it might ruin our nails. Well, here's a simple tip to make nail polish lids come off very easily, even if we're trying to watch our nails: use rubber bands! When we wrap rubber bands around the lid, it allows us to have more grip so it's easier to twist.

Hopefully with these tips, we'll be able to have an easier and more fun time designing our nails to the nines!

17th Jul 2014 Meliney

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