100pc Aquarium Nail Tips

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Pack Includes:
- 10 Size Aquarium Tips (10pc of each size per pack)
1 empty syringe tool.
Colour: Clear
Packaging: zip Lock bag per size 
You will need extra items to create Aquarium tips which is not included:
- Non Evaporative Liquid
- UV Gel Sealant
- UV/LED Lamp
- Decorative Floaters 
Tips Size: range from 7.5mm - 1.4cm Wide, 1.45cm - 1.75cm long
How to Use: 
1. Fill the Tip with Floaters ( Glitter, Decorations)
2. Use the Syringe and fill the Tip all the way to the top with (Non Evaporative Liquid)
3. Use (UV Gel Sealant) on the edge of the tip to block and seal the opening
4. Cure under (UV/Led Light) to harden the Sealant
5. Apply Aquarium nails to natural nail
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