600pc Mid Oval Full Nails

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  • Mid Oval Full Cover Nails
  • Mid Oval Full Nails
  • 600pc Mid Oval Full Nails
  • 600pc Mid Oval Full Nails
  • 600pc Mid Oval Full Nails


600pc Mid Oval Full Nails


The mid Oval Full Nails is a medium lengthed nail.  It is not too long. Great for people who are not used to wearing long nails but still like the Oval nail tip Shape. Oval shaped Nails are Elegant to wear. It resembles real nails like they have grown out naturally. They are full cover, so it covers the entire nail bed. Ideal for home use. You can apply it onto natural nails with nail glue or double sided nail tabs. The nails are easy to file and shape and you can apply nail polish and nail decorations on top to personalize into your own style. Full cover nails are great for everyday use, it is easy to apply and you can pre decorate them for special events throughout the year ie. parties, weddings, birthdays, holidays, Halloween etc...  and wait to apply them when you are ready to wear them.    


  • NAIL SHAPE: Mid Oval Full Cover Nails
  • Features: Covers the entire nail. pre decorate them before applying onto your nails.
  • Color: Clear, Natural or White
  • Packaging: 600pcs Nails Only with pre-numbered bags (0-9) (Does not include glue or nail tabs)
  • Size: Comes in 10 sizes, 50pc of each size, Each Size per bag + 100pc bonus nails (size 5 and 6)
  • Weight: 74g Per Pack
  • Nail Size: Range from 7mm - 1.5cm Wide, 1.6cm - 2.4cm Length
  • Material: ABS


Our Nail Tips are Made from high quality ABS Material. It is strong and Sturdy. When applied correctly with a good quality nail glue, it can last around 2-3 weeks. ABS is non toxic and has no smell. It is easy to file and shape and you can apply nail polish, gel and acrylics on top. It comes in 10 sizes to fit majority of nail sizes. Please check the sizing range above. If your nail size Is in between sizes. use the larger size and file down the width of the nail to match your nail size.  

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