Chrome Effect Mirror Powder

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  • chrome effect mirror powder
  • chrome effect mirror powder
  • silver mirror powder
  • rose gold mirror powder
  • Chrome Effect Mirror Powder
  • Chrome Effect Mirror Powder
  • black
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Chrome Effect Mirror Powder

3 Colours to Choose From

Silver, Gold, Rose Gold Roughly 2g per jar.

To Use: Apply Black Gel Polish and Cure under light. (You can use other colours as base for different effect). Then Apply a No-Wipe UV Gel Top Coat and Cure under light. Then apply mirror powder. Use circular motion to rub the powder onto the nail repeat until desired effect. then Seal with UV Gel Top Coat and cure under light to Finish.

You can use a Sponge applicator, a flat brush or a silicone gel brush to apply the powder.

Using Normal Top Coat (Non UV Gel Top coat) can change the finish of the mirror effect.

You can however use a water based top coat over mirror powder which will keep the mirror effect.  


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