Electric Nail Drill

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  • nail drill
  • Electric Nail Drill
  • Electric Nail Drill
  • Electric Nail Drill
  • Electric Nail Drill


Nail Drill 

Battery Operated Electric Nail Drill with 5 bits. (Batteries not included) Use with 2 x AA Batteries 
Nail Drill Can be used to:
  • clean up the nail
  • cut and smooth the ridge of a tip
  • smooth and shape an acrylic overlay,
  • clean underneath the free edge. 
  • help speedup removal of gel and acrylics faster 
- Never use the nail drill on your actual nail. To remove your Gel/Acrylic manicure, remove the majority of the the gel/acrylic on top of your nails and soak the rest off using acetone.
- Always wear a protective mask when drilling to prevent inhaling the drill dust.  
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