Silk Wrap

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  • silk wrap for repairing broken nails
  • silk wrap


Self Stick Silk Wrap

 Size: 3cm x 1m Length

Silk wrap is used to repair nail breaks. If one of your nails split and you dont want to cut them off, or if they break so deep under the nail bed, it is painful to cut off, instead you can keep your nail length and repair the break. 


  • Cut a piece of silk wrap to cover the size of your nail break/split 
  • Apply nail glue on the nail bed and stick the wrap on top. make sure the wrap is soaked through with the nail glue and let that dry.
  • after it dries, use a nail buffer to smooth out the edges of he nail wrap. make sure not to over buff.
  • Then apply nail polish over the nail and no one will be the wiser. 
Still need help? watch the Product Video below for a step by step.
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